3 Injuries That Indicate Your Need for a Sports Injuries Specialist

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Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute orthopedist Dr. Vaughan Massie specializes in healing patients who suffer from sports-related injuries. From ACL repair to neuroplasty, Dr. Massie vast scope of procedural expertise employs the most advanced technology and treatments, ensuring his patients get back to the activities they love—and fast.   Sports medicine is more than rehabilitation [...]

3 Kinds of Back Pain That May Require Surgery

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An advanced specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery, degenerative disc disease, disc replacement and fracture treatment, orthopaedist Dr. Ty Carter is dedicated to caring for the patients of Aiken, South Carolina’s Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute with innovative and effective treatments to ensure full recovery from their back pain.  Many people suffer from back discomfort, [...]

5 Questions You May Have Before Foot Surgery

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Highly trained in conservative and surgical treatments for foot and ankle conditions, Dr. Angela Molnar DPM serves as the podiatrist for the patients of Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute in Aiken, South Carolina. Dr. Molnar takes an understanding and therapeutic approach to assessing her patients’ needs and courses of action for the most effective [...]